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Our Products

At DeCuir Machine, Inc., we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our products. That’s because we use only the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Our products are manufactured to customer specifications and each product goes through a thorough detailed analysis of all requirements and specifications before manufacturing planning begins.

Contract Review

Contract Review

Each RFQ and contract received go through our contract review process, which includes a detailed review and identification of all requirements and specifications listed on the contract, drawings, models, and other related data. This review is then flowed-down to our engineering and purchasing teams for manufacture planning and procurement. Personnel receive customized training and refresher training on any updated requirements. Our personnel have years of experience and we maintain consistent communication with our customers throughout the entire process.

Aluminum Supplier


Products and services are provided by suppliers that go through an evaluation process to determine if they are capable of meeting all requirements prior to issuing a purchase order. Supplier evaluations include a risk assessment and continuous evaluation on performance for Quality Acceptance of Products and On-Time Delivery. Our management team maintains excellent communication to ensure we receive the best quality products and services. Purchase orders issued to suppliers flow-down all requirements and our quality clauses are available in the Quality page. 

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Aerospace parts manufacturing requires next-level quality standards and we ensure our planning is meticulously reviewed to develop the best strategies for product manufacturing. Inspection planning is implemented from start to finish and in-process inspections are designed to identify any discrepancies at the earliest point in the manufacturing process. Parts are protected with VCI bags in between operations and final inspection includes a 100% inspection of every product to prevent FOD. When parts are ready to be shipped, they are properly packaged to reduce the risk of physical damage during transportation.

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